Paul Mengert AMG

It should be obvious to anyone who has followed the career of Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, that he firmly believes that everyone with the means to do so should do everything they can give back to their community, in whatever form that takes. Paul feels that “giving back” can mean giving of yourself personally, or it can mean generating business activity and a larger tax base that benefits everyone. That is why he has kid of done both. In fact, it’s a primary reason he is now a reputable leader in the homeowners association management industry nationwide, especially in the Carolinas.

By employing a great many instructors for AMG classes who are executives with various local companies, Paul Mengert makes sure AMG (Association Management Group) is building building up his community’s profile in a number of ways. Not only is he adding to his hometown of Greensboro’s overall business climate, but he’s increasing the ability of the community to deal with any situation. AMG teaches personnel working with homeowners’ associations to do their job better, which is of benefit to everyone.