Paul Mengert AMG

One of the key reasons why Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, established the company in Greensboro way back when had to do with his fervent belief belief that giving back to his hometown is of vital importance. In fact, anyone with the means to do so has an obligation to give back in any way they can. For Paul. that is simply a fundamental aspect of life. He grew up in Greensboro and he went to college at the University of North Carolina, where he earned his undergrad degree before moving on to Harvard Business School.

From Paul Mengert’s perspective, everyone should be grateful when they become successful and that should compel to return something to the people who helped get them there, whether that person does so personally or through business activity. Paul is also active with the Harvard Business School Alumni Association in Greensboro, which teaches management how to be better and which uses the skills of experienced managers to benefit charity. For example, they have been able to provide more than $350,000 to local non-profits, such as A Child’s Place, Catherine’s House, Buddy Kemp Caring House, and others.