Of course, anyone who knows him understands that Paul Mengert, AMG (Association Management Group) CEO, believes strongly in many things,, but one of his greatest beliefs is that giving back to his community is way up there in importance. That is a guiding reason why Paul founded AMG was founded in his beloved hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina back in 1984. However, there is far more to Paul Mengert than being the CEO of a successful firm.

Consider his own education, when he majored in Political Science and Communications at the University of North Carolina, which is located in Greensboro. A few years later, Paul Mengert was certified as a Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) certification and then he attended Harvard Business School, from which he graduated in 2005. He has also served on the national senior faculty for the Community Associations Institute. To Paul Mengert, AMG is only part of his life. He also serves as the President of the Carolinas Chapter of the Community Associations Institute, where he also teaches courses to homeowner’s association professionals. These classes are approved as continuing education credits by organizations all over the country, including the South Carolina Department of Real Estate and the California Department of Real Estate, among many others. Many organizations trust Paul based on his extensive expertise in real estate, especially association management.